Great article, covers all the crimes and lies of the media. And that excerpt from Paul Craig Roberts, wow! That man is truly awake! Would love to see more of what he thinks, will check out his articles to.

As to the public living in the matrix, I hate to be pessimistic but I believe there is no way to cure this. I can say this from personal experience.

The movement against vaccines and the scamdemic was growing in a solid direction. First the Substacks were really hot like Berenson, Kirsch, and many others. Then the truckers in Canada formed and to me I witnessed the most beautiful three weeks of peaceful rebellion I will never see again. Then there was "talk" of American truckers, they took forever, and when they arrived in Washington, they played it "safe". It was an utter failure if you ask me. Who knew the Canadians would show more balls in such a situation? Not to mention this was also cemented when the Ukraine love affair began.

From there the momentum died down, and now the Substacks are not as hot, the people seem to have forgotten everything, and I believe are susceptible to fall for the next con the shadow government has ready for midterms. I hope I am wrong, but this is my gut feeling.

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Thank you. Excellent article and videos!

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I've just finished Laptop from Hell, Miranda Devine's very thorough account of Hunter Biden's financial escapades and the Biden dynasty's web of connections with, most profitably it seems, the PRC and President Xi.

The revelations are truly awful: influence peddled, vast sums of money changing hands, drug use, suppression of troublesome evidence, confected family histories, deranged emotional rampages.

Particularly compelling was the suppression of Mac Isaac's report on Hunter Biden's hard drive, handed to the FBI and then buried by the intelligence chiefs' letter denouncing it as Russian disinformation.

It seems that the PRC's leaders considered The Donald to be insufficiently cooperative , the implication being that the suppression of the hard drive findings might contributed to his failure to win a second term.

This is still denied of course.

As to lies, lies and more lies, I no longer know what, or whom, to believe, but suffice it to say that I do not trust the MSM's accounts of events in the Ukraine, nor do I have any respect for the likes of Boris, Biden and co, who seem determined to prolong the conflict from a safe distance, providing materiel and plenty of sound bites.

As to the apparatchiks in Brussels: cracks are appearing, even as Von der Leyen cranks up the rhetoric: Poland has fallen out with France and Hungary, Hungary is tefusing to join the boycott, Germany is in a bind and France is considering gas rationing, while Spain considers food rationing.

Finally, how can one have any respect for an administration led by a senile DOTUS which has stood biological fact on its head and celebrated Dr Levine's 'womanhood'?

Nevertheless, Vlad the Bad is the gift who keeps on giving, providing our leaders and MSM with endless halo polishing opportunities.

The bloodshed in Ukraine needs to stop; its people have suffered enough and the west should stop the meddling and commit to negotiations for a ceasefire and an acceptable settlement.

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Great work!!!

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As I am helping Ukrainian refugees as we speak and have direct access to their experiences, it is interesting to see someone trying to turn terror bombing and an imperialist war into a debate about hard drives.

I understand that it can be hard to understand what motivates Putin to destroy the reputation and international standing of Russia on the battlefield of Ukraine, but that does not change the facts on the ground. Any handwaving and "see look here instead!" does not change that.

I am not sure if you even are a real person or some figment of an FSB officer's imagination, but regardless: You (or him) is actively supporting one of the most brutal wars in modern history. That makes you an accomplice in crimes against humanity. How you are able to live with that is beyond me.

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When lying liars lie.

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I've just found this linked from News Uncut. A Ukrainian-American's assessment of western meddling.

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Brilliant. I share with friends who are like Charlie Brown attempting to kick the football Lucy always pulls away at the last second. Seems no matter how many times they land flat on their back, they're drinking the Kool-Aid again.

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This is a must read; it is not Russian disinformation, but a sober well informed account of what might like ahead.

Have any of our sanctions and Net Zero enthusiasts really thought about the consequences of these policies?

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It seems the only way you believe something is you have to experience it firsthand.

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Somewhat fascinating - but ironic - that VK writes "....Listen to what they have to say and learn the truth..." when one of the people he regularly points us towards is best noted for his book "The Noble Lie."

But let me put this Ukrainian situation into easily-digestible form for you.

The US is bankrupt, whether morally or economically makes no difference.

It sees its nemesis, China, coming full speed towards it.

What to do?

Usually, a re-run of a past strategy which served it well; and so if the US and its dual passport-holder controllers can destroy two of its competitors, ie Russia and the EU, by first getting them to destroy each other, then the US can come in on the back of that to "lend money" all round, a la "Confessions of an Economic Hitman," and take control of those two great powers, precisely as it did to the EU, or Europe as it was then, post WW2. Thus of course any talk of a resurgent and dynamic ruble as a replacement of the dollar will be consigned to history.

The US will by this means then be able to extend its provocations from threatening Russia, as it does today, to threatening China, as it will be able to do then. Obviously, any "Power of Siberia" deals will at that time fall by the wayside, and the entire playbook will recommence with China now in the crosshairs.

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