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As a UK academic, this is one of the most sensible honest articles I have ever read. The USA still holds onto a 19C frontiersman paradigm, viewing other countries as being of 'strategic interest' and fodder to feed an evolving territorialism, & empty profits; If countries kept to their own borders, wars needn't happen. USA may somehow believe they're the biggest & best in the world in everything, satisfying an ingrained sense of imagined superiority, but it imposes this also on the rest of lesser humanity by interfering constantly abroad, for ruthless exploitation. What one sows, one shall reap..

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How much more evidence do we need of graft and greed in the Biden-Ukraine affair?

The fact that this was deliberately suppressed by an openly biased MSM in the run up to the US presidential elections is scandalous in itself. Will any influential heads roll?

I doubt it.

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The US Federal Government has been killing its own people for a long time, but certainly the last two years have been record breaking. It finally became a full on overt tyrannical state around 2007, and it is as much a danger to its own citizens as it is to the world. They stole from us, and they are continuing to do so. Ukraine has been a significant source of illicit revenue for these criminals, and that is an irrefutable fact. Biden is on record bragging about it, and pretty much his entire family should be in a penitentiary.

The regime will do anything to cover their tracks, and the tracks go all the way around the globe. McConnell is a key player in maintaining the criminal status quo in what is a one party two party system. He betrayed the president and helped bring Biden Regime (a reconstitution of Obama Regime) back to power. He is supposed to be the leader of the opposition, but he rarely presents opposition when it truly matters, and there is always a deal going down when he does present opposition. Kentucky should be deeply ashamed of this man.

There has never been a more evil empire than the one who brought us biowarfare against the entire world, and this was done by the US Federal Government, primarily to bring Biden Regime to power.

The only hope we have here is a breakup of the states.

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The road to hell is paved with mob hysteria, greed and vested interests:



Where are the mediators, where is the willingness to put any attempt to bring an end to the conflict into context, rather than effectively cancelling any and every dissenting opinion?

Does DOTUS really intend to send US divisions into the fray?

These lunatics should watch 'Failsafe 'and 'Dr Strangelove 'before getting too carried .

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A lot of America's hysterical reaction to Putin is because they know in their heart of hearts that they are losing their place as the global top dog. They are like we Brits in 1956 in the Suez crisis. We too thought we were still top dog and invaded Egypt to seize the Suez canal (I know right?). We were swiftly disabused. The whole world is sick of American bullying. Not just Putin, but China, India and Saudi too.

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The empire uses war, the threat of war, or economic warfare to benefit the ultra-wealthy who crave only to exploit other country's resources. The empire cloaks its interventions in political terms, but the essential force behind everything our country does vis-a-vis foreign policy is economic exploitation. It's that simple, and has been that simple since at least the Spanish-American War, when we embarked on world domination and exploitation. Nothing has changed since then. The fact that TPTB find exorbitant profit in war, a profit they can't make anywhere else (until the clot shots, that is) guarantees that, as long as these oligarchs are calling the shots, war will continue in perpetuity. Who knew that a country that many see as the "shining light on the hill" is really the most prolific sponsor and perpetrator of global terrorism?

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Excellent source of the real truth and facts. Thank you.

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Vasko could you do an interview on this article on the ThinkingSlow YouTube channel - for good interviews (Professor Bhakdi) we have 200k+ views - even though YouTube is suppressing the search results. Please let me know via ThinkingSlow1@gmail.com

Many thanks - here is some material that we have already done on this subject.


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Yet again, this writer is pushing a fake narrative and trying to gaslight his readers.

He has been told about doing this before; and not only he, but his favourite "geopolitical expert" whom yet again he is trying to make us subscribe to.

Let me be specific, and quote him,

"We saw what happened during the Cuban missile crisis when the Soviets were trying to bring military installations to Cuba. The United States threatened both Cuba and Russia and was ready to start a nuclear war if necessary to halt that undertaking. The United States was, of course, justified in its demands then."

The US was NOT "justified in its demands then."

This is because it had placed - as the writer acknowledges himself - its missiles in Turkey, thus directly threatening the USSR; and the soviet RESPONSE was to put missiles in Cuba as a quid pro quo.

The writer states that neither he nor his favourite professor "have time" to mention this vitally important CONTEXTUAL ASIDE, but it is increasingly looking like a gaslighting operation, as in the clear cold light of day, we would then see the truth, which Meirsheimer doesn't like either, as one of his famous books is called "The Noble Lie."

Lies are never noble, and in fact lying is explicitly forbidden by God.

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Thank you for this excellent article!

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