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Bad, Bad Uncle Sam is going to be angry with this truthiness, Vasko.


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Excelent article, i think i am the ONLY person who says the Rep are just as bad they go along w all the Fake WH Charade and say nothing about Bidens condition, or anything else. Maybe i just dont hear them. When people die, Autopsy is done, they are either Male or Female done deal

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Years ago - at least 5 - I started noticing people on the street, or at a checkout stand, that I was unsure about what sex they were. Many Americans dress the same now - T shirts, jeans, etc. so that instant dress cue is gone. And granted, most people just look male or female no matter what they do to appear otherwise (like Levine). But - some are not clear cut. I started thinking maybe all the plastics, etc., were affecting us as a species. But maybe there is something else happening here.

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Kalouse wants us to lose any sense of identity we may have so he can provide us one while he fucks us like he fucked Gavin and Justin and Ursula and Sebastian Kurz and that ugly girl who was the leader of Hermany Germany she is so ugly I forget her name now

All these folks loved it when kalosuey Kalousey banged them and begged for more klause....klause is transgender transwomanist

God save womanity

Goddess bless

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This post was what I struggled with over the weekend. How to put in words what I am seeing with my eyes. Rarely do I turn on a television, but when I do, I have both middle fingers ready for the commercials (especially you, Lexus/Toyota).

The ugly ignorant clown thing in the dress was a big part of the Steal State 2020, and he should be in a cell with his former boss. Instead, he was rewarded by his new boss, Biden the extortionist, with a national platform for spreading the lunacy.

What we have here in the US is complete moral bankruptcy, in everything we see, everything we do, and everything we touch. It is all formulated to kill everything good and decent about our country, our communities, our families, and our faith in God. To blame this on communism is giving communism too much credit. This is Satan at play, and he is winning

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But Satan only wins in the short run, no matter what it looks like. He may have the elites in his grasp, as the prince of this world, but plenty of us still walk in faith and are not bowing to his evil plans and lies. And I strongly believe the Lord has a true revival in the works, that's it's building now, and we will see it with our eyes. Keep our eyes on Him! Amen!

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Even though U.S corruption has existed since it's inception as in all countries. The empire of lies truly started to form after what Gore Vidal called"The Golden Age" (1946-1950). After WWII, there was a time of peace, art, and enlightenment, which was short lived by the so-called "police action" initiated Truman. The North Korean war was just the beginning of "perpetual wars for perpetual peace" supported by the military industrial complex. Then the rest followed.

What was different between those days and now? While the US government was committing these acts of aggression, there was still plenty of room for debate and opposing views. For example, after the assassination of JFK, people were perfectly capable of conducting conversation of theories and what really happened openly. This attitude of free speech remained roughly without being demonized until the end of Bush sr administration entering the Clinton administration. This was then the times of Waco, Ruby Ridge, OKC Bombing, Twin Towers Bombing 1993, etc.

After 9/11, free speech still existed but was heavily condemned by mainstream media and popular thought. Alex Jones and many other truth channels were available for access on mainstream platforms such as YT. There was no shadow-banning or censoring at least not at the scale we see now post-2016 election.

Could it be that President Trump was a catalyst that started the ultimate destruction of free speech? Why didn't the massive purge of speech happen before 2016, with Bush and Obama? Did the Shadow government allow Trump to win or use Trump for the purpose of turning America hot against one another and to pull off 2020?

Also, as usual a great article, liked and shared it! Thank you for writing so precisely the situation we face in this decaying country.

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Trump was the great catalyst or populist threat who forced the many elements of the globalist leftist alliance to coalesce, coordinate and take extreme collective action to keep control of the world’s greatest democracy. Thus the endless attempts to cripple his policies, smear his reputation and remove him from office, and finally the hugely risky defrauding of the 2020 election and staging the ‘insurrection’ to ruin Trump in January 2021. But in so doing, the corrupt deep state revealed themselves to millions, triggered the great awakening, and now risk defeat for their Democrat frontmen in coming elections, in which long established techniques for stealing votes will likely be neither practicable nor sufficient. ‘The swamp’ clearly continues to fear the great outsider and his mooted return. Hence the continuing war on MAGA, free speech, and gun ownership.

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I voted for Trump twice, and I understand your points completely. I appreciate you taking the time to reach out, and so I will take the time to discuss these topics with you the best I can.

America has not been the "world's greatest democracy" and was not intended to be any kind of democracy by our founders. The idea of"democracy" was viewed with disdain by the likes of John Adams and other notable figures. Democracy is mob rule, majority over minority. We are suppose to be ruled by written law and principles.If we go by the logic you present, which you state...


"The endless attempts to cripple his policies, smear his reputation and remove him from office and finally the hugely risky defrauding of the 2020 election and staging the 'insurrection' to ruin Trump in January 2021."

I must ask you, which policies of Trump did they cripple during the COVID scam for example? Did Trump do anything to stop the funding of blue states such as NY, NJ and others that had draconian mandates? He funded these tyrannical states, enabling the likes of Cuomo, Murphy (NJ) and many others. He did not do any act or sign any executive order to dissuade these actions. Not to mention the fact that the lock-downs occurred during his time, he did not fire Fauci, he continued to push vaccinations until Ron DeSantis a couple months ago started calling out the vaccines (not completely). Also he ignored the advice of those like Dr. Paul Alexander who urged to allow the virus to spread and allow natural immunity to do it's job. Despite these very criticisms I bring up, I was happy with Trump PRE-COVID. His policies were wonderful, his strength on foreign policy was Reagon-esque. The Shadow Government allowed 3 great years, but then they took it away from us with COVID and the people allowed it.

We can both agree that the very word 'insurrection' is a work, a joke, a total fraud. That was no insurrection. Those people were set up by the capital police, FBI and other government goons. I do not deny the obvious fraud that occurred during the 2020 election, do you really think I am happy Biden won and he is turning this country into a globalist flaccid shell of what we once were?


"But in so doing, the corrupt deep state revealed themselves to millions, triggered the great awakening, and now risk defeat for their Democrat frontmen in coming elections, in which long established techniques for stealing votes will likely be neither practicable nor sufficient."

I would like to believe in the great awakening as touted by Alex Jones and other's but I'm sorry I just don't see it. That was not a dig at Alex, while I do not listen to him as much anymore, his work over 20+ years exposing the cabal and the agenda was unprecedented ground-breaking work. I watched him in my teens and up until 23 (last year) and archived many of his works on DVD, mp4, etc along with many other great people. From my position in a blue-state the Great Awakening is hard to find, at times I find it in pockets and individuals. Like-minded people or those against the Great-Reset or whatever we will brand it, are afraid to publicly speak out and also horrible at organizing anything tangible with the people.

The trucker convoy was a flop, the protest in my state against the mandates was a flop. The people only protested and yelled in the streets in front of the governor's home. I spoke personally to the leader of the protest group and attempted to devise a legal plan to fight back. Raise money, hire willing lawyers or legal scholars to back us up. No, no, no, they didn't listen, continued to yell with microphones at a governor's house as big as the Godfather's estate and what happened? The group disappeared, lost traction, and never did anything to recover or regain connection. The governor was elected again, no accountability, state is still in slave-landia mentality.

Next, to cover the rigged election problem which you said has occurred in the past however the 2020 election exposed the techniques. I suppose this is partly true? However election fraud has been a problem going back to the 1800s, and that was with paper. Imagine now that most townships (including my little boring town), states, counties, etc have now implemented the use of electronic machines? What has anyone (representative wise) done to cover these issues and to avoid this happening again? Mike Lindell worked extremely hard to expose many of these crimes but that is not legal action, that is not congress signing policies.

Computer voter fraud can be linked back to George Bush Sr, then Bill Clinton. Computer voting was not however nationally implemented, only focused on important sections. However now, everywhere even after the "exposure" every government facility uses computers for voting even governors. When we voted for Trump in 2020, I remember voting with paper (the last time). Then the next election for governor they instead used computer.

So if my vote was paper during the 2020 election and they still stole the election, then why have they now implemented computer voting machines indefinitely with no backlash whatsoever?

This brings me to my argument, if elections have been rigged before even with paper ballots, than why was Trump's election the exception? The Shadow government didn't want Hilary to win, Trump was the best bet. The best way to fortify the Shadow government efforts and put a huge wedge in the American culture. Hilary was status quo, sure she is one of them, but it's the reaction from the American people that was the important factor. Could you have gotten the same vicious, insane hatred from the left if Hilary won? No, because the left would have been satiated with her victory. It would be another Obama-like administration.

I am conflicted because I voted for Trump twice, no regrets. But when I look at these patterns, circumstances, I wonder sometimes, are they all in on it? Are they all in the club that George Carlin warned people of so many years ago?

I saw recently that Ivanka Trump was recognized as a "Young Global Leader" of the WEF it is even on her biography. Along with Trudeau and many other people I can't stand. Plenty of other connections I have seen with Donald Trump and the cabal.

Despite the questions, Trump obviously is the best option if he was to run again. I accept Trump on the basis like on what Reagon said. Not exact quote but Reagon said something along the lines of "if you agree with me 80% of the time I will accept that". I just can't help but notice some of these discrepancies.

Thank you for reading through this.


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They put a person with an obvious personality disorder in top military leader???

We’re supposed to believe they care about America…

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And you left some things out..

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I know someone who became female

His voice has not changed, although his name did....

When he performs, he still sounds like a man

In fact, I used to sometimes think his voice was okay, now not so much, although his voice , I mean "her" voice is still the same male voice, now it bothers me when s/he sings.....if I look at the singer

Before his Sex change I saw him one day and thought his breasts were looking nice that day...

Since his sex change not so much....

He last I knew is still married to his wife....

This fabulous lie of one's biology doesn't bother me much

The lie of the hacksxxxines from big Harmaceuticals bothers the hell out of me

The viruganda is deadly

The lies that lead us to war are vomit

The lies that brought Russia to war are as dangerous as can be

The lies that operation Killafornia keep active are embarrassing and eggregiously obvious

1 masks are for shaming and submission

2 anti Social distancing Isolation Lockdown lies are, anti Social. Distance is anti Social. Lockdowns are antisocial jail. Scamdemic is anti Social

3 the only immunity is natural innate

One does not acquire immunity thru lliar hacksxxxines

4 BidenHo Joey and Hunter are worst president ever. ScKamala is female but sociopathalogically dmented liar whore, worse than BidenHo

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Not all truth advocates have figured out the same psyops yet but here's some of my research since 2007.

The 9/11 scam, 2001 Weaponized Anthrax scam and more.


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all this : BLM, lgbtq+log10, trans-phobia, toxic-male "logos"...

is the by-product of what I call the shoah dogma : destroying the white race in order to prevent the return of the evil beast..the nazi zombie

the others lies are just tactical, in my opinion

Geoffrey, COMMUNIST from Belgium

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The ideology of globalism includes and precedes the Empire of Lies. Too much emphasis on ‘America’ hides this important truth. It’s true that key globalists may be/have been American nationals, but their allegiance is to globalism, not to America. Globalists or the Davos gang are a tiny international political and business elite who sneer at nations and cultures, are delusional about over-population and global warming, and who have infiltrated and captured their governing and bureaucratic institutions which they then command to build back better in line with the communistic vision described as ‘the Great Reset’ by Klaus Schwab and the WEF. A globalist and global deep state takeover, if you will.

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Empire of lies indeed, thanks for the post. 🙏💕

It's okay with me if some people feel they were born in the wrong body and want to change their sex. I treat others the way I want to be treated, generally with kindness and respect unless I'm shown a reason not to. I appreciate gender neutral bathrooms so people don't have to be harassed or beat up. But there are things about biology that can't be changed, and to pretend otherwise is silly. And stay out of the NCAA women's swimming pool! 🏊 That one bugs me.

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We note that Mr Kohlmayer opines that the moral law of God undergirds all existence, and yet he ceaselessly promotes a man known for repeatedly stating that there is such a thing as a "noble lie."

Perhaps the American disease has spread further than even he imagines.

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When your country is run by criminals and psychopaths, it's all they know how to do.

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Jane, Can you please send me an email.

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Let me help you.

Firstly, you probably weren't a fat teenager, although you may well have been unhappy.

Many females have extremely distorted ideas of what they look like; thus even those who are stick-thin and on the verge of death from AN still consider themselves overweight.

Secondly, everything both you and Mr K are talking about has its roots in something called "The Frankfurt School", a collection of "individuals" who were thrown out of Germany by that most unfairly maligned man Adolf Hitler, and who then went to, and terminally infected, the US - beginning at these very Ivy League universities he mentions.

Their agenda, as is usual for this race, was the subversion and destruction of a group of people whom they consider to be not even human, but beasts in human form, whose only function is to serve them as slaves, and to be exterminated in due course, as their "holy book" and their "holy men" repeatedly and unequivocally state.

This article is all about Truth, and its subversion in the US and around most of the world, but I can guarantee you that the truth which is allegedly sought will only be sought so far, and then the blinders will be forcibly slammed shut, and no further investigation into the true origins of the evil which is overrunning the world will be performed.

As they say, let us have truth - but not too much of it.

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Sorry mate, but if you notice, I used the word "probably", which is a word which admits of certain exceptions - maybe you were one of the exceptions, but the general premise was correct as to my statement about the female of the species, although what I said also applies to the male to a lesser degree, and I can attest to this from my professional experience of these matters.

My remarks then included you in them, because that is only polite, but by no means focussed on either you or your problems, whether real or imagined, so you should not imagine that their intention was either to patronize you or to particularly focus on you, for the reasons given.

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