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Dr Coleman doesn't pull any punches.

HMG is now planning to send more weapons to Ukraine:


Meanwhile, the public faces drastic increases in basic living costs, caused, in no small part, by the lockdown lunacy, but nothing to see here, Vlad the Bad is the gift who keeps on giving:


Net Zero and implicit open borders are still with us and the poorest will bear the brunt, as in the past two years.

Has anyone given any serious joined up thought to the urgent need for mediation to ensure an acceptable end to the conflict? We have a senile POTUS, seemingly in the grip of the wokerama which now passes for US foreign policy, blustering Boris, our very own shape shifter, and various shiny movers and shakers-Trudeau, Macron, Ardern, Sturgeon et al.

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This explains this whole situation better than anything I have read so far. Thank you for this. I will send it our to my friends. This explanation should be in every paper around the country. People NEED to KNOW this!

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Professor Mearsheimer does an excellent job of communicating his vast knowledge of world political history; painting a vivid picture of who did what and when and why they did it!

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President Trump was going to ruin Everything…

Two impeachments and 5 years of Ruling Intelligence State “Russian hoax” disinformation…

…was entirely so that they could initiate and BENEFIT from WWIII

Now they need actual WWIII deaths to cover the coming COVID-19 technology deaths from “god’s” creating essentially CONTAGIOUS airborne cancers…

They created the perfect delivery system for “public health “ medicines and in the process normalized the weaponization of the Airborne infectious COVID-19 spike Bioweapon platform…

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Why does this great man repeat an obfuscation which even I can see through?

"....I remember the Cuban missile crisis very well. What happened there was that the Soviets put nuclear tipped missiles in Cuba. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> The United States said that this was categorically unacceptable, because military forces from afar are not allowed in the Western Hemisphere. And because of that we got the Cuban missile crisis with the end result that those missiles were removed....."

Where I have placed the arrows, the great man should have said the crucial thing, which is, "because the US had previously placed its own missiles in Turkey."

The fact that he did not do so immediately removes him from the list of people whom I consider to be great men, so I stopped reading his spiel at that point, although from what went before, he seemed to be on the right track in his analysis.

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Everything Mearsheimer said about what the U.S. did wrong is accurate. Less accurate is his assessment of Russian policy. It's not as simple as Russia minding its own business and then NATO came along to recklessly "poke the Bear". Putin really does have larger ambitions than keeping Ukraine neutral.

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…isn’t Russia the sitting rotating chair of the UN Security Council

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Are you really that gullible, Vasko? Russia forever? Or is it the end of it?

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