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Strange how the “vax” pushers never mention one side effect when pushing these EUA concoctions in the media. For any other drug being advertised, the spots include a litany of things which could go wrong. Of course the shots are hailed as “public service” and seem to be excluded from any and all adverse events concerns. Isn’t Bourla a veterinarian?

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Well, let's think about this for a second. If you go see your doctor and they think you need some medicine for some treatment, will they ever say, "this is not safe or effective, but let's give it a try!"?

In fact, I've never been given a prescription in my life that has not come with a very lengthy list of possible adverse reactions and dangerous drug interactions. Never a word about that.

I was given an antibiotic and went into anaphylaxis, had to go to the ICU, a few years back. A second antibiotic of the same family was prescribed and I developed severe tendon problems because of it which is a known possibility. I learned of this, of course, after the fact and not even from my doctor.

My doctor, upon hearing all of this went for a third common antibiotic and exclaim that was "since you're so sensitive." Not a conciliatory word. Just press on with some other drug and again, absent a single word of possible adverse reactions.

This is "the science" today. This is modern medicine. This is why I have abandoned all prescription meds and no longer even have "my doctor". Unless and until I am on deaths door and its knocking loudly, I'm through with this practice.

I do use medicinal herbs from a licensed practitioner and occasionally some acupuncture. After this culling by experimental gene therapy, you have to be insane to not rethink involving your life with pharmaceuticals and the evil people that push them.

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He did not say the two jabs did not provide protection against Covid-19 - he said they provided limited protection against Omicron. There actually is data showing the jabs do lessen severity of disease during a window of - up to - 3 months (after the 14 day period when they actually make you more susceptible to the illness). And the after those three months there's the inconvenient data showing negative efficacy... So, the two shots either wane dramatically in effectiveness or they aren't up to tackling Omicron, or both. Bottom line, anyone who thinks mandating them at this point is criminally nuts.

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"Pfizer’s chief executive has revealed that two doses of its current Covid-19 vaccine offer “very limited protection, if any” against the Omicron variant." from the original article. He did not say Covid 19 just. So, this article belongs in the TZ. Starting with the headline it is misleading. BTW, I'm antivax, but let the facts speak for themselves

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Let him keep talking. He’s digging fast. I am sure he can feel the heat from the gate hinges already.

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We know who the real criminals are, and it will not be forgotten.

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I am the criminal.

Of course despite terrorist Albert, who made a deal with Ursula to smooth the rollouts by promotion of her hubbie,

He will enjoy his freedom, Arrogance, and money made off elimination of our sovereignty while being as evil as can be

Albert Bourla is the devil.

He has a special place in the hell he made for us all

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