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I grew up in a small town in Georgia in the 1950’s-60’s. Jim Crow was ever present with segregated restrooms, dining for whites only etc. My mom, a New Yorker with empathy and a social conscience taught my sister and me to see through this barrier and understand that all of this must and eventually would change. Now over a half century later, my observation is quite clear that while racism and bigotry are still alive in isolated cases (and not only in the South), this is nothing like what took place back then. What is far more alarming to me is seeing the crazed attacks I hear from people of influence attacking those of us who have chosen not to take a certain medical procedure. By refusing work, housing, entertainment, and even medical treatment because we reject a gene therapy which has been proven unsafe and ineffective, the dark forces behind this new apartheid are utilizing the lowest of low tactics (fear, anger, ignorance) to divide us all. This is far more dangerous than any racial chasm I’ve ever encountered.

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The man is correct. Just watch young children playing at recess or at a playground. It's genuine.

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Sound common sense advice that should be followed to the letter. I second that.

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This man refuses to be a victim. So refreshing in this day of victimhood.

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Such a mentally healthy person. That said, a number of us have turned a deaf ear to the current national BLM shakedown. Those of us who do not practice victimhood, nor choose to support those who do - have moved on.

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What a beautiful man

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Not all truth advocates have figured out the same psyops yet but it's great to see people starting to learn and share the best truth they can about some of these psyop scams in legacy mainstream media history. Some people have yet to understand the true power of mainstream media. Here's just one example:

Tactics of Organized Jewry in Suppressing Free Speech

By Prof. Tony Martin

"I discovered that according to the 1830 census, even though Jews were a small proportion of the population in North America, nevertheless they were inordinately represented among the slave owners. Yes, they were a small portion of the population overall, but on a percentage basis that were significant. Jewish historians who have analyzed the 1830 census have discovered that whereas something like 30-odd percent of the white population may have owned one or more slaves in the South, for Jewish households it was over 70 percent. So according to an analysis of the 1830 census by Jewish historians, Jews were more than twice as likely, on a percentage basis, to own slaves."

"I also discovered that Jews, despite their involvement in the slave trade, were very few and far between in the abolitionist movement. They were much, much less likely than other groups to be involved in this movement. So that in a nutshell, then, is the set of facts that caused me to become involved in this interesting controversy. And what I want to do, then, is to dwell not on the facts themselves, but on what I perceive to be the main tactics that were used, because I found myself, like I said, on the front line of this situation, and I became very fascinated, looking at their tactics. And the more I began to read around this question, the more I saw patterns emerging."

Read the entire speech


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Vasko we need more scholars to write about the truth of what is going on in the world. Thank you for all your articles.

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Vasco, we need more articles like yours to tell the truth about our world.

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Thanks for this Vasko, I love what he says his children are victims of.

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Obviously not all black people are oppressed or affected by overt or subtle racism. But it's obvious to me that it's still a problem. Black people have a harder time getting mortgages, renting homes, they get pulled over more often, they don't get called back for job offers as they're just as qualified peers if a white person is offering the job, and they get longer jail or prison sentences for crimes. I think the attention on equality is important so the subtle racism that we've learned does not prevent black people from equal opportunities.. Yes anti-racism can go too far just like any movement, but it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Here are some great short videos that show how it's still a problem:

The effects of redlining


Housing discrimination


Mortgage discrimination


A trip to the grocery store


Black parents speak to young kids about encountering the police


Khalif browder story


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I am reminded of a quote by Richard Bach. He wrote, "argue for your limitations and sure enough they are yours."

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Yes, they are all great men: smart, courageous and eloquent.

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